February 16, 2009

The Sushi Deco Cake:

Courtesy Of: Rebecca Milner

We’ve looked at the trend of cute and decorative lunchboxes for kids, but what about grown-ups? Surely Japan’s tradition of exquisite food displays has something innovative in the works for those who are old enough to actually appreciate the work involved. Enter the Sushi Deco Cake from Ryu Gu Jo Sushi Studio.

The birthday candle numbers and decidedly not sweet ingredients suggest that these cakes are designed for the (increasingly) older population in mind. Not to mention the prices, which run from ¥5,250 to ¥6,830 depending on the fish used. Though considering we spot some delectable looking uni below, they are considerably reasonable.

This is also a nice example of taking a western import, the birthday cake, and bringing it back to Japan.

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