February 19, 2009

Obama Sushi:

Posted by Cory Doctorow

This Japanese sushi chef has developed a fantastic Obama sushi: "Obama's skin is Amis (small shrimp) TSUKUDA煮use. 髪は黒ゴマで、歯はかまぼこ。 Hair is black sesame, fish paste teeth."

すし業界の常識を「CHANGE!」した職人 - MSNスキルアップ


x_X_xThe Black Rabbitx_X_x said...

Not only is the the most giggly-awesome thing I have seen in a while, but... WIN. Thanks for following my blog, BTW.

x_X_xThe Black Rabbitx_X_x said...

So... yeah. It won't let me follow you. You should add a thing OTHER than the Subscribe in a Reader link. Maybe a follow link?