October 05, 2008

Buy Your Zombie Some Brains:

Review From Brains4Zombies.com:
"This brain is tender, juicy, and full of all the neurotransmitters a young, growing, bloodthirsty zombie needs. The Frontal and Occipital lobes are particularly tender, making for an excellent roast, or diced for a quick snack. The cortical mantle is highly convoluted; the crest of a single convolution is known as a gyrus, while the fissure between two gyri is known as a sulcus. And you know how good that sulcus can be... Isn't your mouth watering already? The frontal lobe, largest of all the lobes of the brain (and great for when you have guests over for dinner), lies rostral to the central sulcus (that is, toward the nose from the sulcus). The precentral gyrus, located rostral to the central sulcus, constitutes the primary motor region of the brain, which, as we all know, makes for a great party dip when blended with a superior parietal lobule."


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