October 14, 2008

Fish Pedicures Go Belly Up In Texas:

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas state health officials feel there's something fishy about fish pedicures.

SkullznEyez Is Not Fishy

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation announced Wednesday that the procedure was banned in the state.

Using a lot of little fish to nibble bits of dead skin off people's feet is the hot thing in the spa world. But health experts are concerned the fish have the potential to spread infections.

A spokeswoman with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation told The Dallas Morning News that because the foot baths and holding tanks are home to live fish, they can't always be properly cleaned and disinfected.

However, officials noted they know of no actual cases of fish pedicures causing health problems.

The Zen Luxury Nail & Beauty Bar in a Dallas suburb bought $2,500 worth of the fish. The co-owner told The Dallas Morning News she's not sure what they're going to do with the 500 guppy-like creatures now that fish pedicures are banned.

Last week, the state of Washington also banned the procedure.

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