June 14, 2007

Creepy, Interesting & Real:

Creepy, Interesting & Real:

Giant clothes-free pole dancer crop circle frightens prudish people on planes. Link.

  • Naked 19-year-old mobile blowjob receiver cited for "drinking and 'embracing' while driving." The pull quote: "'You are not supposed to be hugging or kissing while driving,' [officer] Merrill said. 'It’s so distracting.'" Link.

  • Extreme tax resisters in New Hampshire holed up in "Waco-like" situation. Link.

  • Scary lady rips off her ex-boyfriend's testicle, tries to eat it, then later -- can't remember it. Link.

  • A council in Texas ponders the "saggy pants ban." Link.

  • 50-ton whale killed in Alaska last month had 130-year-old weapon embedded in its blubber. Link.

  • Outgoing British PM Tony Blair wants new regulation, monitoring, enforcement, censorship system for online journalism -- hey, just like China. Link.

  • This rare and ancient purple frog is simultaneously icky and beautiful. (Image below, Kalyan Varma) Link to what may be some of the only photos ever taken of this little fella. The pull quote: "It feels like a big bag of jelly when you hold it in your hand and I must say, its a very strong frog."

    (thanks, kevin, jason, kevin, big fez, Noella)

    posted by Xeni Jardin

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