May 27, 2009

Retarded Tattoos...Immortal DUH!

And he'll juge your spelling

Possibly the most famous misspelled tattoo.
Instead of Chi-Town as the man requested, he got "Chi-Tonw".
He later sued the tattoo artist.

Does he means the spelling system?

Indeed! ..but not in action

Tomarrow never knows how to spell tomorrow right

Can you spot the three misspellings?
ANSWER: freinds, straind, surley

CNN reported that Joseph Beahm paid $100 for this tattoo, which was supposed to read “Why Not, Everyone Else Does”.
Instead it came out as, "Why Not, Everyone Elese Does."
He sued the tattoo parlor to pay for his laser surgery.

Don't know if this is Comedy or... Tradgey

To bad you don't own a dictionary

Your alive? No, sir, that's my alive. Give it back!

Just can't take it no more feelin' numb
Woke up face on the floor I was dumb
Cut me all the way to the core morning comes
Time to get busy forgetting again
Tired of going out my mind
Looking for something I won't find
How could I have been so blind
This is a load of crap
It figures she would win
But I'll learn to feel again
Bear down hard when you fill it in
Give me the pain I'll grit my teeth in

Worlds Craziest Tattoos

The tattoo has changed this living man into a Skull. It's the face of Frank, at Derm FX Tattoo in Montreal.

This is not make-up, but an actual tattoo

This is not make-up, but an actual tattoo

A $10,000 tattoo

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