January 07, 2009

Sex With Blow Up Dolls:

A pervert has twice broken into a Cairns adult shop and had sex with blow-up dolls before abandoning the vinyl vixens in a nearby lane.

However, police are on his tail, because the thief left his DNA on a doll and possible fingerprints on its face along with three other inflatable dolls and lubricants.

Business owners believe the same culprit is responsible for break-ins and till thefts at the Sapphire Bar on Lake St and three break-ins at the Laneway Adult Shop off Spence St in the past several days.

His method of entry is to smash through walls and squeeze through tight holes.

The owner of the adult shop, who wished to be named only as Vogue, said that in a first unreported break-in at his recently opened shop, the doll-snatcher had stolen five dolls and had sex with one of them.

“He has been taking the dolls out the back and blowing them up and using the dolls and leaving them in the alley,” he said.

“It is totally bizarre.

“It is a real concern that someone like that is out on the street.”

Vogue said a sex toy also went missing in the second break-in and that the offender had a liking for the doll model named "Jungle Jane", which had been taken on both occasions.

He said he was dumbfounded that the burglar also had the "weird" habit of cleaning up the mess he had made after entering the building.

Not content with his first two midnight liaisons, the burglar again smashed through a wall in the roof area of the shop on either Monday night or early yesterday morning but was scared off by a newly installed alarm system.

Vogue and David Sharman, the owner of the Sapphire Bar on Lake St that has a rear entry in the same lane as the adult shop, both believe they have been targeted by the same thief.

Both men said fleeting video images showed the burglar as being a tall, skinny Caucasian.

Mr Sharman said of the break-ins and two thefts of money from the till, as well an attempted break-in on Sunday night, the most brazen was in the early hours of yesterday morning.

"The burglar smashed a hole near the top of the roof line," he said.

"He then clambered 15m down a sheer wall.

"He (only) took the surveillance recorders - we found them in the bin."

While praising police for their quick response to the alleged crimes, Mr Sharman said he was becoming increasingly frustrated that they were not being solved.

"I have had a gutful. This pushes up costs," he said.

"Crime is killing our business.

"Not enough is being done to prevent early morning crime in the CBD."

Cairns Police District crime prevention co-ordinator, Acting Sgt Cary Coolican, said the reported offences were being

It is understood at this stage of investigations the alleged offences are not being linked.

Acting Sgt Coolican said in the case of the adult shop, scientific officers had taken DNA samples, fingerprints and

"We are certainly asking anybody with any information to come forward and contact Cairns police on 4030 7000 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000," she said.

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