March 24, 2008

Son Hires Stripper For Dad's Funeral:

A man hired a stripper to perform at the funeral of his father - who happened to have a fondness for gentlemen's clubs, according to reports from Taiwan. Taiwanese newspaper the United Daily News reported that Cai Jinlai had been promised a stripper for his funeral if he lived to 100. Jinlai was 103 when he died – reportedly leaving behind more than 100 “descendants”. He had died after walking about 5km to a town in Taichung County to vote in an election in the Taichung. His son, Cai Ruigong, told the newspaper that he had paid more than $170 for the stripper to dance around the coffin at the funeral. “He would travel around the island with his friends to see these (strip) shows,” Mr Ruigong said. According to reports, the exotic dancer performance at the funeral lasted 10 minutes.

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